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Forever 21  and Duosen 's story about fashion hair accessories

In 2013,DuoSen established business relationship with American fast fashion brand---Forever21.

DuoSen design around 500 items products to client select.customer have a high opinion of the design of our products,and give some element that they want to place order,to catch customer’s meeting,finally we finished all develop sample at the last second.Forever21 expressed heartfelt thanks for duosen’s positive teamwork.

few days later,Forever 21 placed order to DuoSen.During the production, DuoSen looked carefully the production progress and tested the products to ensure the goods finished on time and quality was no problem. When the customer received the goods, he gave us a high praise on our quality and delivery.

Up to now duosen still keep business relationship with forever 21,all of this are because of our design team develop excellent products and our production team strict control production we can do better in the future!


A Special Order Of Flower Crown From Sri Lanka 


In October 2015, I was fortunate enough to receive a customer enquiry from Sri Lanka.After many times of communication by email , Shirenthi confirmed a hot silk flower heads with new design,quantity are about 42000 pcs,delivery time is 35 day,can be divided into two separate shipments according to the contract.Because of her orders, we finished for nearly half of the performance targets, also help me has achieved very good results in the Alibaba "circle war" .

We meet a lot of problems in this order.Guest is very satisfied with our samples and confirm the production immediately, because the price is to the lowest, for the first time cooperation, we accept this unit price,And inform the corresponding process, and some process cannot be achieved, for example, laser processing to avoid petals be fray, bartack to avoid grosgrain breakdown, and so on.The guest take no notice of this question. 

We only according to the sample production, when the guest received 20000 pc of products, suddenly aware of the problems of the mentioned in front of us is very important, because it is a brand counters, quality could affect the product sales, customer require us can't have any fray, thread, and grosgrain breakdown.

Due to the unit price has confirmed previously , customer is hard to ask her boss to new funding, the price can't change, our factory is very difficult to the production.Faced with more than a week of the goods time, We have to provide the process of each link, number of workers, handmade cost and other additional fees, and photos of we working so much overtime in order to meet the requirements sent to the guests.

Finally, the guest pay these costs and the balance payment soon.And express thanks for our full cooperation, also very touched by the attitude of the cooperation.This delivery have gone so well help her to meet the hot sale season.Half a month later,she told me a repeat order for this flower head.We confirm the process and price careful this time.Anyway.Thanks for your support. 

Photo credit: Duosen

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