How to make a boutique artificial daisy flower headband for your sweet girl or little lovely baby?
Issue Time:2017-01-09

How to make a boutique artificial daisy flower headband for your sweet girl or little lovely baby?

Today we wan to teach you how to made a boutique daisy flower headband in ten minute.Yes.This looks fairly complicated, but it's actually quite simple.So we can can't done it in one minute.Take it easy.Yet once you learn this,you can free yourself from the many silk flower headband DIY of all time.It's a easy way to dress up along with your child and save half an hour every morning for you.

You also can experience the product making process from our sample making room.Our mass production would be requirement as good as our samples.

It actually shakes down into a handful of fairly simple steps that can be quickly mastered.You just need follow our absolutely the most complete steps below and do it now.

More often we prepare for all kinds of materials:


           ● Hot glue gun

         Hot melt glue

           ● Ruler

           ● Shear


           Artificial daisy flower (buy it from craft shop)

           ● Artificial green leaves

           ● Rubber elastic band  (Overlength is 45 cm)

           ● Circular felts  (Diameter is 2.5 cm)

-Step One:

● Please glued total of 30 piece of daisy flower patal into quartern each .

● Glued the five petals pieces one by one together .

● Put one piece of flower in the middle .

● A quarter of six flower pieces be glued into one complete daisy flower.

● Glued the green leaf at the bottom of the daisy flower .

● Please made five daisy flowers .

-Step Two:

● Cut out two gaps in the five circular felts .

● Through the five felts one by one and glued the ending rubber band .

● Moves the five felts the spacing survey in 2 cm each one .

-Step Three:

● Glued the pre-prepared daisy flower in the circular felts one by one aimed at the middle .It's easy to glued the flowers with felts as long as the alignment position.

● Push the edge of the daisy flowers .

● Glued the another flower as same as the above.You can follow our picture steps.

● Then,we done!

Let's dress up your girl once you finished this daisy flower headband and show to your facebook.

Thanks for all your support.We will provide free samples every month if you become our VIP customer.If you hope to know more details,please contact us.We will update any information for you.See you next time!

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This a useful daisy flower headband DIY from Duosen Accessory

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