Family dinner with all Duosen's employees to celebrate new year 2017
Issue Time:2017-01-07

Family dinner with all DUOSEN's employees to celebrate New Year 2017

This is Duosen office party on the New Year's Day evening,almost all our employees together to celebrate the New Year,except several local peoples go home for dinner with their families.It's considered as one of the important family banquet,second only to the Lunar New Year Reunion dinner that every Chinese rushes home for.At the office party, the boss spoke informally with everyone.It also has a lot activities and 

Another important family banquet is New Year Eve on January 27,blink of an eye,will be coming soon.At Spring Festival Eve, every household is busy putting door gods or spring festival couplets on their doors.the whole family will have dinner together and watch Spring Festival Party.The reunion dinner is the Spring Festival Eve dinner, which is luxurious anyway. Every dish contains people's wishes for auspiciousness and happiness.The last day of the last lunar month is the most important day in the whole Spring Festival. If one missed the dinner with his or her family in this day, he or she would feel very sorry.

So ,New Year 's Day is a good day to have office dinner with employees together for a celebrationFirst is the fate reason, we come from all corners of the country, is the fate lets your me gather in this, causes us to become the friend and work together.We respect each other for common progress and walked together for the same hopes and dreams.We all have goals and dreams – whether or not we ever talk about them, or write them down.

2017 will be a new year full of passion.We're heading for higher annual sales volume.The New Year, cheer for us.for DUOSEN.

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This office dinner from Duosen Accessory

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