How did spend your Christmas with your family or friends?
Issue Time:2016-12-27

How did spend your Christmas with your family or friends?

How did spend your Christmas with your family or friends?I'm stay with many friends.Christmas should be a festive and rather joyful occasion, a time of giving and sharing for all.But for now, Christmas is just a joyful occasion—festivities do not seem to exist as a word in our city.Because previous generations of peoples have no contact with English and don't know how to do.As the close contacts with the foreign countries, there are many new generations more and more familiar with or understand foreign festivals,love Christmas through learning English.

When we speak of Christmas, we tend to think of decorations, shiny lights, snow, presentsSanta's reindeer, his sleigh,and trees.We know families and friends often celebrate Christmas together, so they can watch each other open their presents and cards on this day. Wherever you go on Christmas Daypeople always wish each other "Merry Christmas".Special puddings and cakes are eaten on Christmas Day and these have to be made three or four weeks in advance.Most families have a Christmas Tree and Snowman (or maybe even two!or rather big!) in their house for Christmas.Entertainment together after dinner,have a romantic dance,play with children.The tradition is empty oversize stockings hanging on fireplaces at Christmas time for Santa to fill with little gifts.





Most villages, towns and cities are decorated with Christmas lights over Christmas.The dinner table is decorated with a Christmas Cracker for each person and sometimes flowers and candles.Traditionally, and before turkey was available, roast beef or goose was the main Christmas meal. One vegetable that is often at Christmas in the UK are brussel sprouts. There are fireworks to celebrate the New Year.There are a lot of neon lights on the trees, the beautiful big Christmas trees beside the streets, the "Santa Claus" standing behind the show windows in the malls.

Like Christmas in the west, the Spring Festival is 's most important one in a year and also the time for all the members of the family to get together.It is also customary to buy new clothes for New Year and tensions have been known to run high if a father does not buy his children a dress for the occasion.We will share our gifts with my friends or a gift from boyfriend.




There are many young people nowadays think Christmas as the most important day for love and friendship and the Spring Festival for families' reunion.Yes.I agree it.During my high school,we like Christmas Eve better.We share the apple with my friends and schoolmates on Christmas Eve night.,eat apple with family.embodies luck, happiness and peace.The apples would be more expensive than usual.Now it's just the other way around.We like the romantic Christmas more.We'll share apples as well.I'm looking forward to Christmas day.And i go out with my best friends and take her dog.It's so happy day.This Christmas we are travel with Shenzhen Graduates Group.We are playing games together.


We took the bus to the Jiao Chang Wei Beach in Shenzhen.It's a beautiful villa village as charming as Giverny Monet Garden in French that will take your breath away.This garden in particular became a significant source of inspiration for many of his greatest paintings.In some parts of the garden visitors can feel as if they are walking through one of the artist's paintings."My paradise": this was Monet's description of the garden he made in the grounds of his house at Giverny.I'll go to travel someday.

- Giverny Monet Garden in French





We went to a place called '' Jiao Chang Wei Beach ''.There are a lot of exotic artistic house and villa that is a good romantic place for friends and lovers.You will find scenery beautiful like a painting.With the flowers,tree everywhere.Nearby is Dapeng Peninsula beach.It seemed to be especially worthwhile to everyone who went.Highly recommend all the foreign friends to visit here.We met many foreign friends here.

As below is the trip map for your reference.If you want to travel to here,hope it help you a lot.It seems that far away from our company Dongguan Accessory Co.,LTD.But i love travel.Ask not that the journey be easyask instead that it be worth it.

Jiao Chang Wei Beach






I met a grandma like planting flowers when preparing for a photo.All around is her carefully cultivated plants.She is very friendly hospitality and told me how to planted flowers.It is worth mentioning that She sent me a pot of her most beautiful flower.

We spent a happy day tha full of poetic and warm.Meet many lovely peoples.We like go out and find a beautiful place to spand a unforgettable day with the imprortant poeples who accompany all around us.The Christmas is another Valentine's day for lovers.One by one the lovers drifted off into the moonlight or have a romantic candlelight dinner or trip together.

Christmas let me the most curious is abroad.They house may be bedecked with baubles and awash with Christmas cheer.we have seen shopping centres, streets and public building being transformed with the Christmas Spirit.The scene was a heartwarming, touching one as it really created a solid Christmas atmosphere.I want a Christmas atmosphere.It's must be very happy.I miss our spring day and my family.

Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas this holiday season.Don't forget to hang up the sock!

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