How to made wide women sport yoga headband?
Issue Time:2016-09-24

How to made wide women sport yoga headband?

Do you want to learn some tips to your hair while saving money? Whether you're more interested in fashion or pushing your hair out of your face, making your own headband is an easy way to solve your style problems. Learn how to make this tried and true hair accessory with the simple steps below.You can made any typies of stretched headband for your yoga sport or other workout.

1.Choose a piece of fabric.

If you want a wide headband,you can prepare a little more fabric.The material of the fabric is depend on your own.These are typically made out of a stretchy, jersey material that is perfect for this project.

2.Cut the pieces to size.

Cut out all the sections with great care.You can cuting your cloth freely.

3.Layer the pieces. 

Take the headband that you just cut, and the lower section is left completely flat. Folding and lay them flat on a tabletop.

4.Sew the seams. 

Sewing the piece together with neat stitching.We dose the cutting and stitching in accordance with the dimension of headband to install castors on the sewing machine and fixed it when sewing.Cutting the redundant fabric and turn inside out.Then folding headband to the owl with your sewing machine.

5.Finish the headband.

Confirm the final dimention.If you has any confusion,please watching our video as below.

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This a useful daisy flower headband DIY from Duosen Accessory

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