One minute tutorial about peach flower hair band set for child
Issue Time:2016-09-02

One minute tutorial about peach flower hair band set for child

The handcraft is amazing thing.The more you like it ,do more good,let you at that time a great sense of accomplishment.

Many family has a DIY time with the little girls every week.I treasure very much with child in the together each minute! It's so happy.So,I'll use their interesting DIY products to decorate our houses.I think it's a great creation.We enjoy to make various of accessories as well.

In this time ,mini Flower hair band is our new products. It's so easy and kids are able to make it too. My girls'll wear their beautiful princess dress and these DIY accessories to dinner party.She'll appreciate how “cool” her mom actually was.

As below is our making steps,we'll teach you how to make such beautiful flower alice band.

how to quickly make mini rose flower hair band set

❀One❀    Tutorial for pink mini flower hair band

1.You will need these materials:

  • silk flower , felt, grosgrain and plastic hair hoop from craft store
  • hot glue gun 
  • ruler

2.Take apart the flower. Pull the silk flower off the stems and glue with hair hoop more easily.

3.Around the grosgrain with your plastic hair hoop outside and glue the end of hair hoop.

4.Measure the hair hoop,glue a flower to your hair hoop in 4.5'' and push the flower.

5.Glue the felt at the bottom of flower.

6.Allow the flower headband to dry.

❀Two❀   Tutorial for chiffon flower hair clip

1.You will need these materials:

  • silk flower ,chiffon flower , grosgrain with clip ready prepared
  • hot glue gun

2.Glue the white flower with chiffon flower together

3.Put glue at the bottom of flower ball

4.Glue the flower ball with hair clip together

There are half a minute , easy to learn, one will see.Let's try it soon.

>>Photo credit:Duosen Fashion

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