One minute tutorial to know LED flower bun crown
Issue Time:2016-08-17

One minute tutorial to know LED flower bun crown 

Hello,Duosen Fashion here.Our LED headband has been applied for patent.Our R&D wanna to show you more styles for you.

Do you know LED flower headband? It's so popular on the festival ,party ,wedding or night.There are several led lights strips with flower crown intertwined in a different way.The led light up flower crown makes you attractive,which can last as long as 24-hours.It's a normal flower crown in the day,and a fancy flickering led flower crown in the night when you turn on a switch.

This's such a breathtaking and fresh take on the led floral crown.The color changing are many and various,different styles with two or four color changing,such as red,blue,yellow,purple,green and so on.Really cool.I suppose, but this is true on various occasion, gives people a feeling of gorgeousness, sexiness and youthfulness.

Here are our Youtube line for you.>>One minute tutorial for you  To help you know the led flower crown more.

We need to play and have fun in life.Flower crown is a necessary and even interesting part of life.

+LED flower crown in festival,Hallowmas,Easter,Christmas.......

+LED flower crown in our daily life

>>Our video of led flower crown

+LED flower crown in our masquerade

>>Our video of led flower crown

+LED flower crown in the beach party

>>More LED hair accessory

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