How to match flower crown set,completely make your outfit?
Issue Time:2016-07-13

How to match flower crown set ,completely make your outfit?

Our website has various flower hair accessories,different color,different style.So the question is,many customers said they didn't know how to match our silk flower hair accessories.

“Why do you have this flower scrunchie?What is it used for?"

"How can i match our hair or clothes well?Do you have any introduction book?"

Obviously.We don't have  introduction books.You can have your own style.

Ok,dear.Our headband set including flower headband or crowns  and flower scrunchie .

I do think some fashion designer is an artist.I do believe anyone can be an artist as well.You can be a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes,it's also need all kinds of accessory to make you more unique.

Now,we will help you to know how to fashion with it.Let's show our model.

Flower crown + silk flower hair scrunchie

Suited color + romantic curls          

Perfect design + confident smile

Exquisite makeup + unique garment

Try to match your accessories in different ways.

Dress up is a attitude for your life.

A color that matches the color of your skin will certainly brighten your face and make you look prettier.

Do you have any ideas about your hair accessories?The more design of flower head crown, more choose for everyday.

Photo CreditDuosen Fashion

When you know how to match it,you can decide what you are,what you want to express by the way you dress up and the way to live.

You could be showing up in the same outfit as another people who looks better in it.Don't worry!You can match a nice flower brooch,a suitable flower crown or flower hair scrunchie make sure your outfits special.A good hair accessory will help you don’t clash,can really change your look.

Fashions fade,style is eternal.So just being yourself.

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