What's the batik fabric and the scope of use in hair accessories?
Update Time:2017-01-10

What's the batik fabric and the scope of use in hair accessories?

Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique. Batik is made either by drawing dots and lines of the resist with a spouted tool called a canting ,or by printing the resist with a copper stamp called a capThe applied wax resists dyes and therefore allows the artisan to colour selectively by soaking the cloth in one colour, removing the wax with boiling water, and repeating if multiple colours are desired.It's also a method of printing patterns on cloth, in which wax is put on the cloth before it is put in the dye or the cloth itself.The popularity of batik in Indonesia has varied.Many Indonesian batik patterns are symbolic.There are different technology in different countries and nationalities.

Batik Fabric   is use a dye resist method for their traditional costumes. The traditional costumes are made up of decorative fabrics, which they achieve by pattern weaving and wax resist. The cloth is then used for skirts, panels on jackets, aprons and baby carriers. Like the Javanese, their traditional patterns also contain symbolism, the patterns include the dragon, phoenix, flowers geometry and so on.


Batik hair accessories   are more and more popular in headband,hair clip,hair scrunchie,hair band for young peoples or women hairstyle matching.This batik technique is widely used in various pattern of beautiful fabric printing.We can printed any patterns what you need.

Irregularity geometry

This is geometry wide twist turban headwrap for adult girl women

This is a simple printed wide turban headwrap for women long hair or short hair

This a vintage boho printed wide headband with a big bow for workout

Irregularity knot wide head wrap for women to hold hair well

This types of headbands are the favorite accessory for peoples in different style.Different people will interpret different style to you.

Floral printing

This is a beautiful flower printed knot headband as charming as hylaea 

This is breathable fabric wide headband that has become a popular choice in durable, air permeable, soft fabrics

This is an adjustable tie headband with floral printing.There are a lot of small latticed breathing holes.

The high quality boutique floral hair scrunchie for long hairstyle

This floral printed bow hair clip does not slide down and stays in place and fits very well under your head

This suite of forest boho style flower printed hair band and bunny ear hair scrunchie is the fashionable accessory for 2017 and 2018

These patterns are very beautiful in different fabric.These products are so common in foreign market.

fashion hair accessory manufacture of Dongguan duosen accessory company from china

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This a FAQ about datik fabric from Duosen Accessory Co.ltd

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