Why does your website products are few in number or style?
Update Time:2017-02-22

Why does your website products are few in number or style?

Our website will not put all the newest developed designs here.Considering the timeliness of the products fashion trends change rapidly and more unique R&D designs than others to preferable leading the market. That's not mean we haven't many new products or unprofessionally in accessories. So,sending your " desirable product keywords " or new products of enquiry to us.Duosen will specially send our hot latest products to your Email.

About our newest developed designs , there are a lot of latest products has been targeted by our customers,we'll delay the product release time at least 2-3 month on our website.This's to protect our guest's market.There're many R&D products are developed according to the hot selling or fashion trends from our regular customers.We just put several representative products here.Some confidentiality of product and commercial secrets aren't external leaks.We only share some similar style to you.

 If you need samples,please send your related requirement to us.We'll arange samples in time.

❀  If you need customized new design , please send your ideas and sketch design to us, our professional R&D will recommend a lot of matching material and suggestions to you.We must keep secret for all our besiness.

 If you has any questions about our products,production and shipment,please check our FAQ to seeking answers or leave masage here.

 We will provide many special service to all our VIP customer,contact us to know more!

We are happy to do anything for you.

Hope you have a happy business in China.

Thanks for your surport & understanding.

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